Jorgensen Geotechnical

Ray Womack, P.E., P.G. and his Geotechnical Engineering team are excited to join Jorgensen Geotechnical!

Jorgensen Geotechnical provides geotechnical engineering and engineering geology services to diverse clients in the Intermountain West and beyond. We have over 40 years of experience as geotechnical consultants for developments varying from ski areas and mines to high-end vacation homes. Our knowledge of geologic hazards and field characterization can be a beneficial asset for risk management and project planning. Allow us to add value to your next project by reducing uncertainty and offering construction recommendations to save both time and money.

Although we are not the largest company in the country, we pride ourselves on “punching above our weight” and have provided geotechnical and geological services for:

  • Mine structures hundreds of feet tall and holding hundreds of millions of tons of rock and soil
  • The second largest power plant in the West
  • CERCLA (Superfund) sites in a half dozen states
  • The second longest proposed new railroad in the US
  • The largest building in Wyoming
  • The highest aerial tram in North America
  • The “most beautiful” highway in North America

Several of these projects have been ongoing for more than ten years.