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Timely filing and management of water rights applications for permits are crucial to keeping your project moving forward. Jorgensen Associates’ experience in all aspects of this complex matter – and our diligence in following up on all applications that have been filed – helps ensure efficient, cost-effective, and compliant development.

Land Planning

Brendan Schulte

Planning Manager

Senior Project Manager

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Site Planning

Jorgensen is ready to assist throughout the design and planning process by providing multiple design options regarding land use, master planning, and overall concept design – always keeping our client’s original vision at the forefront. We recognize the importance of retaining the beauty of the natural landscape and use our skills to ensure that the proposed designs complement the features of the terrain and surrounding environment.

We provide the following site planning services:

  • Site Reconnaissance

  • Concept Design

  • Master Planning

  • Evaluation of Development Alternatives

Subdivision & Boundary Adjustments

Platting: Before groundbreaking can occur, formal applications must be filed, plans finalized, and approvals granted.

We can assist with these critical steps by providing:

  • Coordination with Owners, Attorneys, and Public Agencies

  • Client Representation at Public Meetings

  • Title Research and Review

  • Water Rights Research and Review

Lot, Road, and Easements:

  • Surveys, Mapping and Design

Public Approval Process

Preparing Applications:

Areas in which we add exceptional value include:

  • Development Permit

  • Special Uses

  • Boundary Adjustment

  • Variance

  • Zoning District Change

Public Hearings and Presentations:

  • Client Representation at Public Hearings

  • Documentation

  • Graphic Exhibits

Finalization of Permits After Project Completion

Water Rights & Permitting


  • Ponds, Reservoirs, and other Water Feature Rights

  • Irrigation Rights

Board of Control:

  • Transfer of Rights

  • Change in point of Diversion and Means of Conveyance

  • Changes in Type, Place, and Use

  • Amendments to Certificates of Appropriation

Finalization of Permits After Project Completion

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