Commuter and visitor traffic in Teton County has grown steadily in recent years.  The complex combination of visitor, commuter, and residential traffic patterns in Teton County led to the development of this Teton County Transportation Baseline Dashboard.  This dashboard provides traffic patterns for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians within the region from 2019-2021. This data can assist with developing programs, prioritization of capital improvement projects, and planning that can target specific travel behaviors (such as transit, shared mobility, or active transit) that can be influenced by increasing capacity.  In addition, these transportation patterns and metrics can also be used in managing travel demand, reviewing and updating the Teton County/Jackson Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP), and comprehensive planning.

The vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle data within this dashboard are compiled from StreetLight Data, which is a software-as-a-service that harnesses smartphones as sensors to measure vehicle, transit, bike, and foot traffic virtually anywhere. StreetLight Data provides counts and transportation pattern analyses for various time periods.  Additional data resources include Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START), Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation (JHWF), Eco-Visio for pathway bike and pedestrian volumes, and the Town of Jackson and Teton County’s available GIS and quantitative data.

This dashboard includes seven tabs, summarized below:



2 – Teton County Transportation Indicators
Includes key metrics, as included within the ITP, such as annual vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions for the Town of Jackson and Teton County for the various modes of transportation for the years 2018-2021.  Annual START bus ridership is provided.
3 – Regional Transportation Patterns
Provides three dynamic dashboards allowing the user to conduct origin-destination (O-D) analyses, zone activity analyses, and review daily summer transportation patterns within the region.  These studies provide average vehicle miles traveled, hourly traffic volumes and peak travel time, average travel time, trip purpose, visitor vs. local,  travel time differential, and circuity.
4 – Active Transportation
Includes a map showing pathway locations, proposed pathway locations, shared road locations, and bike/ped count locations.
5 – Transit
Provides START bus ridership information and routes.
6 – Parking
A map including off-street and on-street public parking locations and number of parking spaces (number of total parking spaces for parking lot) as well as restricted parking times.
7 – Additional Mapping & Data
Includes WYDOT Automatic Traffic recorder locations and monthly counter data as well as pathway counter locations and counts.  This data is independent of StreetLight Data.
8 – References and Definitions
This provides relevant resources and definitions of metrics provided within the dashboard.


The application is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, insurance rating, or survey purposes. Teton County makes no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, or relevance of the information contained on the applications and neither assumes nor will accept liability for its use.