Study and Plan Relevant References (in order of current to previous)

The George Washington University, International Institute of Tourism Studies. (ongoing). Teton County Sustainability Destination Management Plan.

Prepared for: Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board

The Travel and Tourism Board Teton County Sustainability Destination Management Plan is currently ongoing and is studying travel and tourism behaviors within Teton County. The study is utilizing for data analytics.

Charlier Associates, Inc. (2020). Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP).

Prepared for: Teton County and the Town of Jackson

This Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) is based on the multi-modal transportation vision set forth in the 2020 Update to the Town and County Comprehensive Plan and implements policies, goals, and objectives developed in Chapter 7 of said plan, which is summarized as follows:  “Travel by walk, bike, carpool, or transit will be more convenient than travel by single-occupancy vehicle.” A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) made up of the staff of the Town, County, and Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) guided the planning process throughout 2014-2015 and again in 2019-2020. The ITP is not driven by traffic forecasts or by other predictions of travel behavior or demand trends. Rather, the Plan is designed to guide the Town and County in a manner consistent with the regional Comprehensive Plan and long-term community character, economic vitality, and quality of life objectives.

Jackson/Teton County. (2020). Comprehensive Plan (Update).

Prepared for: Teton County and the Town of Jackson

The Comprehensive plan’s three common values include ecosystem stewardship, growth management, and quality of Life. Chapter 7. Multi-modal Transportation focuses on the model that “travel by walk, bike, carpool, or transit will be more convenient than travel by single-occupancy vehicle” and includes the three principles of (1) Meet future transportation demand with walk, bike, carpool, transit, and micro-mobility infrastructure; (2) Reduce greenhouse gasses from vehicles from 2012 levels, (3) Coordinate transportation planning regionally.

Kimley Horn. (2019). Transit Improvements Assessment for the Jackson-Wilson Road (Snake River Bridge), Version 1.1, Draft Final Report.

Prepared for: WYDOT

The WYO 22/WYO 390 intersection was identified in the Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PELS) as a major intersection in which motorists encounter delays. The PELS listed the intersection and the Snake River Bridge as high-priority improvement projects. To inform the improvements planning and design, WYDOT has initiated this Transit Assessment to identify what transit improvements, if any, should be incorporated into the WYO 22/WYO 390 and Snake River Bridge improvements.

Cambridge Systematics, Inc. (2019). Teton County Travel Demand Model (TCTDM).

Prepared for: Teton County, Town of Jackson, WYDOT

The model aids in planning for transportation improvements by estimating existing travel and forecasting future year scenarios.

Kimley Horn. (2019). Downtown Parking and Mobility Management Plan.

Prepared for: Town of Jackson

This Plan serves as a guide for decision-makers on topics such as governance, customer service, planning, technology, enforcement, demand management, as well as parking facility, and systems management. The recommendations in the Plan were developed to serve as a roadmap for the development of a comprehensive and strategic approach to parking and mobility management in Jackson. It should be noted that to achieve these goals, there will be times when trade-offs will need to be made between competing objectives/resources.

Charlier Associates, Inc. (2015). Community Streets Plan.,368,0,0,1,0

Prepared for: Teton County and the Town of Jackson

Teton County developed a draft Community Streets Plan for use in designing facilities built or improved by the County and for use in guiding site planning and facility design in private sector development. The County’s Plan focuses on infrastructure and safety improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle networks within and between the Complete Neighborhoods identified in the Comprehensive Plan, including (but not limited to) Wilson, South Park, Aspen-Pines, and Teton Village. Elements will include upgrading pedestrian facilities, increasing local network links (streets and pathways), and improving pedestrian and bicycle access to regional links such as pathways and transit stops within each neighborhood.

Charlier Associates, Inc. (2015). Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP).

Prepared for: Teton County and the Town of Jackson

Plan Adoption – The 2015 Integrated Transportation Plan identified a “Plan Scenario” that is a quantitative and qualitative description of the intended transportation program direction and primary outcomes.

Jacobs. (2014). Wyoming Highways 22 and 390 Planning and Environmental Linkages Study.

Prepared for: WYDOT and Federal Highway Administration

The Wyoming State Highway 22 (WYO 22) and Wyoming State Highway 390 (WYO 390) roadway corridors connect the Town of Jackson with the Jackson Hole Ski Resort at Teton Village and with the community of Wilson in southern Teton County. Recognizing the vital role the two corridors play in the community, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) initiated a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study in the summer of 2012. WYDOT undertook the study along with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in cooperation with Teton County and the Town of Jackson.  According to FHWA, Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) represents a collaborative and integrated approach to transportation decision-making that 1) considers environmental, community, and economic goals early in the transportation planning process, and 2) uses the information, analysis, and products developed during planning to inform the environmental review process.

Alta Planning and Design. (2013). Town – Bicycle Improvement Plan.

Prepared for: Town of Jackson

The 2013 Bicycle Improvement Plan was developed to guide rapid and substantial improvements for bicycling in the Town of Jackson. The types of bicycle improvements that were recommended varied from street to street, but the end result was to achieve a connected network that was “safe and effective for all users and most bicyclists.”

Alta Planning and Design. (2007). Pathways Master Plan.

Prepared for: Teton County and the Town of Jackson

The project goal included a vision of “Improving and enhancing non-motorized opportunities for transportation and recreation….” This study includes a Policy Plan, Strategic Plan, and Implementation Plan.  The 5-year project priorities include (1) Complete Streets (2) WY22 Pathway (3) South Park Loop Pathway (4) High School Road (5) Karns Meadow Pathway (6) North Jackson (7) Teton Science School Connector (8) North 89 Pathway (9) WY22 Wilson School Connector and (10) South 89 Pathway, of which several of these pathways have been constructed.