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Civil Engineering

Jorgensen’s civil engineering team can help provide the services needed to ensure projects are done correctly and on time. Our goal is to develop relationships that you can rely on and trust to provide you with the necessary expertise for any project, both small and large. Our civil department specializes in grading and drainage, stormwater treatment, water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as various transportation engineering services. 


What sets Jorgensen apart is the creative abilities and passions of our engineers who factor in aesthetic and environmental values without compromising functional design. Careful attention is paid to the preservation of natural resources and the integration of developments into the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape.  

Projects often require a variety of different services. From soil testing to structural engineering, from traffic analysis to water rights and permitting, and from site planning to construction administration, Jorgensen provides services to guide you through any project, small or large.

Brian Gray, P.E.

Civil Engineering Manager

Principal Engineer


Grading & Drainage

Jorgensen provides well-designed grading and drainage plans that assure optimum functionality for the infrastructure of development sites. Our expertise in hydrology and hydraulics consistently results in excellent solutions for runoff control and detention. We work proactively with all regulatory agencies throughout the entire process of your endeavor to ensure the timely completion of your project. 

Services include:

  • Assistance with WYPDES Storm Water Permitting

  • Storm Water Collection Systems

  • Pond Design and permitting

  • FEMA Floodplain verification

  • Site grading/drainage plans

  • HECRAS Modeling

Fixing a Pipe

Water Supply & Distribution

Jorgensen can develop cost-effective solutions for projects of any size, whether in rural areas, new developments or in those utilizing existing water systems. We have the expertise in-house and access to a large network of specialists strictly for this purpose to ensure that your project will have a sustainable supply of clean, safe, and accessible water for every purpose.

Our extensive experience in this area provides for:

  • Planning, Design, Permitting, Funding

  • Water Supply and Distribution Systems

  • Water Wells and Storage Tanks

  • Water Pumping Stations

  • Formation of Water Districts

  • Water Quality Testing

  • Operation and Troubleshooting of Completed Systems

Water Flowing Out Pipe

Jorgensen designs state-of-the-art, efficient, wastewater collection and treatment systems that meet a project’s overall design and budget. The Jorgensen advantage includes comprehensive services ranging from planning to permitting, as well as the ability to fully meet functional and regulatory requirements. We also pay particular attention that all application, procedural, and quality control steps are handled proactively to avoid unnecessary delays in the progress of your project.

Our expertise in wastewater collection and treatment include:

  • Single and multi-family On-site Treatment and Disposal Systems

  • Central Collection Systems

  • Treatment Plants

  • Community Leach Fields

  • Pumping Stations and Force Mains

  • Modifications to Existing Systems

Bird's eye view of a highway

Jorgensen recognizes the importance of planning for streets, highways, bridges, and multi-modal transportation systems. The need to accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bikes – even equestrian paths – must be considered. Whether for commute or recreational use, transportation routes not only enable ingress and egress, but they also provide the footprint for storm drains, water and sewer lines, and utility lines on which your development depends. Jorgensen understands the functional, financial, and aesthetic synergy that exists among these critical elements, as well as the regulatory and permitting considerations that can impact your project’s cost and schedule.

Our expertise in transportation engineering includes:

  • Transportation Planning

  • Traffic Engineering Studies

  • Traffic Control Devices and Signalization

  • Design Engineering for Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Pathways

  • Pavement Design

  • Geometric Design for Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Pathways

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

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