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Jorgensen recognizes the importance of planning for streets, highways, bridges, and multi-modal transportation systems. Whether for commute or recreational use, transportation routes not only enable ingress and egress, but they also provide the footprint for storm drains, water and sewer lines, and utility lines on which your development depends. Jorgensen understands the functional, financial, and aesthetic synergy that exists among these critical elements, as well as the regulatory and permitting considerations that can impact your project’s cost and schedule.  Our expertise in transportation engineering includes:

Hayley Ruland, P.E.

Transportation Project Manager

Bridge with City in the background


Assist communities and lead public engagement with transportation planning for the present and for future growth.  Develop necessary concepts and cost estimates to help communities find reliable and cost effective long term transportation solutions. These plans are beneficial for communities to leverage funding for capital improvement projects and provide a safe and livable community.


Traffic Impact

Support development and coordinate with local agencies to property prepare for transportation impact caused by development or changes in traffic patterns.  Provide in depth analysis of present and future conditions and impacts to roadways, intersections and level of service.

Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Geometric Design of Highways, Streets,
Pathways & Bridges

Design streets, roads, pavement sections, intersections with WYDOT, AASHTO, MUTCD and local government regulations.

Image by David Guenther

Temporary Traffic
Control Plans

Develop safe temporary traffic control plans in accordance with regulations.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

WYDOT & Agency Coordination

Coordinate closely with government agencies to ensure compliance while meeting the needs of the client.

Image by Zan


Utilize emerging software to better understand traffic patterns, volumes and evaluate transportation levels of service.

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