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Land Surveying

The Jorgensen survey team is led by Matt Gotham, P.L.S. Our survey department utilizes the latest technologies in Trimble GPS, robotic stations, and digital levels which are integrated with our engineering design and survey software for quick and efficient data collection and field stakeout. We employ 4 licensed UAV pilots and are insured to provide aerial mapping through fixed wing UAVs and rotary wing UAVs. We utilize Pix4D as our photogrammetry software to produce survey grade orthomosaic images with DSM and DTM elevation data.   

Jorgensen also uses Sonarmite Echosounder technology, which integrates with the Trimble survey equipment to measure bathometric surveys accurately. We offer a wide variety of surveying services include records research and planning; control, boundary, land title, and water rights surveys; and land descriptions, water rights applications, petitions, and maps.  

Surveying at Airport in Jackson, WY


Clear and accurate land boundaries lay the foundation for orderly land management and development. Jorgensen survey staff is licensed in WY & ID to provide accurate and defensible boundary surveys. Our state-of-the-art surveying equipment and software ensure rapid and efficient data collection and field stakeout capabilities.

Our services include:

  •  Public Land Surveys (Cadastral)

  •  Title/Deeds/Metes and Bounds

  •  Rights-of-way/Easements

  • Monumentation

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

  • Boundary and Corner Locates


Utilizing robotic total stations and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technologies, integrated with aerial photography, surveying and engineering mapping software, Jorgensen Associates provides accurate three-dimensional mapping for all land design purposes. Our topographic mapping includes locating all features of the property, including elevations, landmarks, and underground features such as underground utilities. Translated into accurate maps, our data enables informed decisions regarding land use, drainage, and the optimum placement of structures and utilities.

Our services include:

  • Topographic

  • Slope Analysis

  • Site Features

  • Mapping


As committed partners in the development process, Jorgensen draws on its extensive experience to help clients maximize land use and safeguard the integrity and aesthetics of the overall project.

Our services include:

  • Boundary

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Easements

  • Rights-of-way


Using GIS technology we are able to create project maps in multiple resource layers, making it possible to coordinate and plan future development phases in a cost-effective manner. This involves the creation of a database, which is customizable to contain valuable information such as the location of roads, utilities, and other installed infrastructure; titles and ownership; costs/valuations; dates of installation; and more.

Our services include:

  • Mapping

  • Custom Databases


Jorgensen provides clear and accurate preconstruction surveys, followed by quick and responsive construction survey services through the end of the project. We work with contractors to identify project challenges and work to stay in constant communication during the construction phase to assure a successful project.

Our services include:

Construction Layout:

  • Stake-out

Construction Controls:


  • Control Points and Benchmarks


Jorgensen partners with aerial photography specialists who utilize proven Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with horizontal and vertical GPS controls and real-time kinematic and static/fast capabilities. In an advisory capacity, Jorgensen oversees the creation of accurate aerial topographical maps and digital terrain models that can be accessed for reference throughout the entire development process.

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