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Geotechnical Engineering

Jorgensen Geotechnical provides geotechnical engineering and engineering geology services to diverse clients in the Intermountain West and beyond. We have over 40 years of experience as geotechnical consultants for developments varying from ski areas and mines to high-end vacation homes. Our knowledge of geologic hazards and field characterization can be a beneficial asset for risk management and project planning. Allow us to add value to your next project by reducing uncertainty and offering construction recommendations to save both time and money.​

Although we are not the largest company in the country, we pride ourselves on “punching above our weight” and provide these geotechnical and geological services:

Harrison Carter, P.E.

Geotechnical Engineering


  • Foundation Analysis, Design &

  • Recommendations

  • Retaining Wall and Shoring Design

  • Earth Embankment Design

  • Soils Laboratory Testing

  • Rock and Soil Slope Stability Analysis

  • and Remediation

  • Rockfall Hazard Assessment and

  • Remediation

  • Geology

  • Coal Combustion Residual Program

  • Support

  • Geotechnical Instrumentation

  • Pit Slope Stability

  • Dams/Tailing Impoundments

  • Stream Channel Analysis &

  • Stabilization

  • Debris Flow Hazard Evaluation

Our team has worked on:

  • Mine structures hundreds of feet tall and holding hundreds of millions of tons of rock and soil

  • The second largest power plant in the West

  • CERCLA (Superfund) sites in a half dozen states

  • The second longest proposed new railroad in the US

  • The largest building in Wyoming

  • The highest aerial tram in North America

  • The “most beautiful” highway in North America

Several of these projects have been ongoing for more than ten years.

Jorgensen car and drill rig with Tetons in the background

Geotechnical engineering

Jorgensen Geotechnical provides site investigation and geotechnical design services for earthworks, dams, roads, railways, and other civil infrastructure projects. Many of our projects have involved landslides and other slope stability problems. In seismically active areas, we analyze seismicity and liquefaction potential.

Engineering Geology & Geologic mapping

Jorgensen Geotechnical’s philosophy is that Geotechnical Engineering Design is dependent upon an in-depth knowledge of local geology. We want to make sure your project is accomplished with the highest level of site-specific information possible. We have extensive experience with many geologically complex sites involving active and dormant landslides, rock slopes, and problematic soils. Geologic mapping and aerial photo interpretation services are provided on large projects to address geologic uncertainty and risk.

geotechnical investigation & charactarization

We believe that drilling and testing programs should be site-specific and we employ a variety of drilling and investigation techniques that are often not available from single in-house sources. We work with many firms that provide specialized drilling and sampling, including auger, rotary, sonic, ODEX, Becker hammer, surface and downhole geophysics, and cone penetrometer testing.

river & stream geomorphology

Jorgensen Geotechnical has performed stream channel investigations and remediation projects for mines, conservation districts, and private landowners. Ray Womack, P.E., P.G. and Josh Fuller have published numerous technical papers on various aspects of fluvial geomorphology, and Mr. Womack has often served as an expert consultant and witness in litigations involving boundary disputes and erosion problems along rivers.

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